Fort Collins District 3


Traffic Safety

  • Work with my district to identify traffic trouble spots. Identify traffic congestion issues and pedestrian safety issues.

  • Education based traffic enforcement efforts aimed gaining voluntary compliance.

  • Explore creative public/private partnerships aimed at improving driving skills among our young drivers.

  • Maximize effective use of traffic control devices to improve overall traffic safety.

  • Plan for community growth as it relates to traffic safety, congestion and infrastructure. 

Crime & Community

  • Improve community/police relationship and trust. Expand community-oriented policing efforts throughout the city.

  • Incorporate Evidence-based policing interventions to maximize effective enforcement actions.

  • Encourage effective training and skill development of officers. Including cultural and linguistic competency, mental health, Crisis Intervention Teams, legal issues, and skills (driving, arrest control, and firearms).

  • Increase officer mental wellness programs in an effort to increase officer resiliency among our first responders.

Fire & Rescue

  • Continue funding to support professional fire service through Poudre Fire Authority.

  • Encourage further relationship building among police, fire and rescue to maximize continuity of emergency care.