Fort Collins District 3


Natural Resources 

  • Preserve and protect the City's inventory of open spaces and natural areas that provide our community with space to recreate, learn, and enjoy life.
  • Support policies aimed at preserving the natural ecosystems that live within and around our natural areas and open spaces. 

Climate Action

  • Continue to support the 2015 Climate Action Plan that passed in City Council with 7-0 vote. Which establishes that "The science is clear - climate change is already occurring and is no longer a distant threat. And the cost of inaction is unacceptable."   2015 Fort Collins Climate Action Plan
  • Commit to policies and practices that endeavor to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions in Fort Collins 80% below 2005 levels by 2030
  • Encourage and invest in clean energy technologies that support the Climate Action Plan


  • Continue to support policies that encourage and incentize citizens to concerve our natural resources in their homes and businesses while reducing costs related to heating, cooling, and lighting. 
  • Promote policies and public education aimed at decreasing waste and increasing landfill diversion.
  • Promote reductions of water use throughout the community. 
  • Seek to improve our energy efficiency efforts as they are a major opportunity to save businesses and families money.