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Section 7-135 of the City Code- No person may make contributions or contributions in kind totaling more than $75 to the candidate committee of any candidate for the office of Councilmember.

Contribution Limits

No person may make a contribution or contribution in kind in the name of another person, nor may any person knowingly permit such person’s name to be used by another person to effect such a contribution or contribution in kind. These limitations apply to all contributions or contributions in kind, whether made directly to a candidate committee or indirectly via earmarked gifts passed through an intermediary, except that these limitations do not apply to:

  1. Contributions or contributions in kind made by a candidate to his or her own candidate committee;
  2.  Independent expenditures;
  3. Monetary loans that are: (a) personally guaranteed in writing by the candidate, the candidate’s immediate family or a business entity in which the candidate owns at least five percent; or (b) secured by real or personal property owned by the candidate, the candidate's immediate family or a business entity in which the candidate owns at least five percent; or

(4) Contributions made to a candidate committee by another candidate committee established by the same candidate for the office of Mayor or Councilmember.

A candidate committee which receives a contribution in excess of the limits set forth above must remit the excess to the contributor no later than 10 business days after receiving the contribution.


Joint Contributions

Contributions made jointly with another person through the issuance of a check drawn on a jointly-owned bank account are prohibited unless:

  1.  the total amount of the joint contribution is less than the maximum amount that can be contributed by one person ($100 to Mayoral candidates; $75 to District candidates); or
  2. the check is signed by all owners of the account, in which event the amount of the total contribution shall be allocated equally among all such persons unless a different allocation is specified on the face of the check. (Example: A check written on the account of Bill and Betty Smith for $150 to a District candidate must be signed by both Bill and Betty and will be assumed to be a $75 contribution from each person.)

No candidate committee shall knowingly accept a contribution in violation of these requirements.

Prohibited Contributors

A candidate committee cannot accept contributions from any person who is not a citizen of the United States, from a foreign government, or from any foreign corporation that does not have authority to transact business in Colorado pursuant to Article 115 of Title 7 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

A candidate committee cannot make a contribution or contribution in kind to or accept a contribution or contribution in kind from the candidate committee of another candidate.

A candidate committee cannot accept a contribution or contribution in kind from his or her candidate committee that was established or maintained for a federal, state, or county election campaign or office.

In addition, pursuant to Article VIII, Section 7 of the Charter, no political party or city employee, directly or indirectly, and no public service corporation, nor any other person, firm or corporation, owning, interested in, or intending to apply for any franchise or contract with the city may contribute or expend any money or other valuable thing, directly or indirectly, to assist in the election or defeat of any candidate.